High Gear

The owner of High Gear Inc. came to us with an idea of building an apparel brand focused on the automotive industry. During our initial consultation, he shared his vision of what he wanted his apparel brand to be and who he wanted it to be made for. Even though he had an idea and a name for his brand, there was still a lot of work to be done. Our team had to go to work to source all of the correct products, design with the automotive enthusiast in mind, and choose the right customization methods to accomplish the desired looks. We were able to set some style and color guidelines so that we had a base to go off. When all was said and done, we created all of the designs, sourced all of the products, held photo and video shoots, built the e-commerce site, and are assisting with social media content creation.


Our initial conversation with the owner of High Gear Apparel was exciting. He shared the vision of having an automotive apparel brand and our design team went to work.  We first focused on brainstorming ideas and designs that would be relevant to the audience. Our design team focused on a clean, modern look with an automotive twist. Some of the designs had a script front, a floral print, and a gearbox. We ultimately designed over 20 different garments: shirts, hats, sweatshirts, joggers, raglan shirts, and more. We narrowed that down for the initial launch.


For High Gear, we focused on a few production elements. Screen printing is the method of customization on a variety of t-shirts, raglan shirts, long sleeve shirts, and joggers. Screen printing is the most popular imprint method and allowed us to get the blends and colors of floral patterns down. We went all out on the hats creating a custom dad hat. This hat has a carbon fiber bill, an Alcantara crown, embroidered front and side panels, a leather strap enclosure, a custom woven label and taping on the inside. This hat is definitely one of the most premium hats we have made to date.


Any company that is building an apparel brand needs to think about marketing the products from day 1. For High Gear, our marketing team set up multiple photo shoots and video shoots in order to capture the story and the essence of the brand. This is a car enthusiast brand that is made specifically for people that have a passion for cars, by people who are passionate and connected to the industry. Social media is an important part of building a brand and quality content helps share the story of the brand and reach the target audience. We are working with High Gear to develop a social media marketing strategy and our team is focused on making quality, relevant content. Our marketing team also took product shots for every single item in order to have quality photos for the website and other marketing assets.


Business is shifting a lot more from brick and mortar retail stores to online, E-Commerce stores. Our team at 9010 Brand designed and built the E-Commerce store for High Gear. We are responsible for creating the layout, shooting and editing the product and model shots, and implementing the applications that are featured on the site. On the back end, our team is responsible for setting up the inventory SKUs, assigning shipping costs, creating the fulfillment process, enabling payment methods, and making sure the site is working and functioning properly.

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