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First-Class Startup Clothing Line Tips

It takes a lot of cliches to start a business. Blood, sweat, tears, and creative inspiration all enter into the picture. You’ve got to have a vision and you’ve got to stick with it. When you get past all of these old saws and truisms, there’s still a great deal of work to be done. […]

Ready To Start A Clothing Line?

Are you ready to start your own line of clothing? You may have the ideas that will transform your line from a shoestring startup into a major player in the apparel industry. You can handle the inspiration and the selling, but someone needs to make the goods. If you want to turn your inspiration into […]

Minimizing Struggle And Risk With Startup Clothing Line Tips

If you have always been attracted to the prospect of being known for creative ideas that have universal appeal, you’ve probably dabbled with the idea of starting your own business. Some entrepreneurial realms were difficult to pursue in the past, but technology and instant connectivity has changed this radically. Fashion is a prime example of […]

What Clients Get From Johnny Walsh

My name is Johnny Walsh and I’m the Art Director of 9010Brand. I was their first designer back when I was a freelance contractor. My background is in Advertising and Art Direction. Before 9010, I was a brand manager, a full social media manager, and website designer. So because of my experience, I guess you […]

Pros and Cons of Product Sampling

From the outside looking in, there can be a lot of Pros in going through the sampling process. In this blog we will discuss some of those Pros, but also some of the Cons you may be unaware of while going through the sampling process. PROS Product sampling can be ideal when you were testing out […]