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Staff Responds When Social Media/Society Is On Edge

During uncertain times, it is important to remember that we will encounter a wide variety of opinions and perspectives on matters connected to values and beliefs. Be Patient: With a wide range of emotions flying around, it’s imperative we remain patient with one another. I’ve seen many instances of people being impatient with one another […]

Three Keys To Success In Apparel Branding

For years Marcus Lemonis from the show “The Profit” has shared 3 keys to success with struggling business owners: People, Products, Process.  This article is the “Apparel Branding” version of these same 3 principles. People When you’re building a brand people are critically important, because they bring design ideas, creative thought, and a new perspective […]

What do brands get when they hire us? – Andy Cruz

Each of these items contains their own unique value, when properly used to build your brand. Help where they’re stuck: Many times people come to me for advice; to ask questions, or to verify something they read online.  There have even been instances when clients call and simply say, “Help, I have a creative block, […]

What To Do When DIY Isn’t Working Anymore

Let’s face it, DIY (Do It Yourself) is popular, it’s attractive, its “less expensive”. We have entire television series filmed around DIY projects, online communities that support one another with advice & strategies, and Pinterest (need we say more!?!). There’s a lot of upsides to the passion behind the DIY personality, but what do you […]

How Does Pricing Work?

How Does Pricing Work? When it comes to the production of apparel, pricing comes down to a number of variables: Garment selection Total volume of garments Number of locations being decorated Number of colors used in the design Method of production (silk screen, embroidery, direct to garment, dye sublimation, cut & sew) Turn time Lets […]

What art is acceptable for Embroidery?

In this article we cover the acceptable art formats for embroidery production.  We will also educate you on how to reduce headaches and avoid of embroidery production. Embroidery houses use a file format called “DST” (It looks like this “yourlogo.dst”). This file format allows the embroidery machine to create a needle and thread path to […]