What Clients Get From Johnny Walsh

My name is Johnny Walsh and I’m the Art Director of 9010Brand. I was their first designer back when I was a freelance contractor. My background is in Advertising and Art Direction. Before 9010, I was a brand manager, a full social media manager, and website designer. So because of my experience, I guess you don’t have a choice but to fully trust me with your designs…haha just kidding, but really, I can basically make anything you want me to (t-shirts, hats, packaging, flyers, book designs, business cards, etc).

During our weekly Monday Meetings, I’m constantly drawing on my notepad because my creativity never stops. The most random things can pop into my head, and I’ll get the urge to translate it either on Adobe Illustrator, or if I don’t have access to my computer, a pen and paper will do. I draw a lot of characters and surrealistic types of art; things that make you look deeper and things that convey a message. For instance, a customer doesn’t just need a logo, a customer needs an effective logo; something that tells the story of who they are at first glance. That takes not only knowing the desired demographics of their consumers, through research but actually being able to replace your thoughts with theirs. I’m not saying their logos will be a thought-provoking surrealistic painting, I’m saying it will be the opposite, but more of a herald to exactly who they are without having to be confused or without having to rack your brain.

When I draw a detached thumb dressed as Mickey Mouse, you may think it’s cool, but you don’t quite know what my point is… that in order for me to get to Disneyland, I’d have to hitchhike because I can’t afford it. After knowing how that feels, I can confidently create a design that could show the happiness of a place like Disneyland so that you can come to the conclusion that hitchhiking is worth it.

My mission for this position is to create a tangible form version of my clients’ dreams. I’ve owned two clothing lines and I know the ins and outs of starting and maintaining a brand. I want my clients to know that I’m more than passionate in what I do, and what I create for them. I want them to remember that I have faith in their success, and I want them to recognize that all I wish for, is for their inspiring stories to be told exactly how they want it.