What I Do For My Clients – Anne Malixi

I started as an intern for 9010Brand around April of this year. I’m an ambassador for a brand called Liftsquad and the photographers and videographers of 9010Brand helped us create content for our social media pages. After the shoot, I pulled them aside to talk about how I’ve always wanted to explore my creativity. They offered me an internship and I gladly took it! I was officially hired not too long after that, and now I hold the position of Social Media Manager!

When I get to work, the first thing I do is make sure that there’s something to post for each client’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. I schedule those posts for that day, and publish them. I try to have content scheduled for the next thirty days, but if I don’t have enough photos, I’ll reach out to multiple accounts on Instagram if they would be interested in doing a photo shoot. For example, one of my clients is an official General Motors Apparel Company, so I contact local Corvette or Camaro owners to see if they’d be interested in participating in a shoot.

After a shoot, I’ll select the photos that are what you’d call “Instagram worthy” lol, and I’ll edit a few of them and upload them to the scheduling board. I don’t usually pick more than 4 photos of the same car or same setting, because then it could look very repetitive in the eyes of the viewer. The last step of the scheduling is writing captions for every photo. It’s important to research extensively about  your clients and what their voice sounds like. You have to keep in mind that people who are passionate about cars speak differently than people who are passionate about food. People who are passionate about singing speak differently than people who are passionate about marine animals. Additionally, you have to be able to tell a story, or provoke an emotion from whoever is viewing the photo or video. Anybody can post a photo, and get a quote from a pinterest, and paste that as their caption.

Lastly, before I clock out, I research which hashtags are relevant to each client. For example, you wouldn’t use the hashtag #TaillightTuesday on a photo of lasagna, because obviously lasagna doesn’t have car parts (hahaha). It’s also important to pay attention to the hashtags that are trending. The more relevant hashtags you have, the more exposure your photos get, resulting in higher interaction numbers.

The Social Media Manager is the voice of your company and it’s the first impression that a future client is going to get. I have to make sure it fits the personality of our office… good thing I work with funny, passionate, smart, and weird people. (shrugs) Thanks for reading! 😀