What do brands get when they hire us? – Andy Cruz

Each of these items contains their own unique value, when properly used to build your brand.

  • Help where they’re stuck: Many times people come to me for advice; to ask questions, or to verify something they read online.  There have even been instances when clients call and simply say, “Help, I have a creative block, can you talk me out of it?” And the answer is always “YES, of course!”
  • Art design beyond their ability or reach: We tend to meet a lot of DIYers in this line of work. This is really great because DIY clients are so in tune with what they like that it’s easy for them to communicate what they want from us.  Sometimes their artistic abilities reach their end before the brand is really at its arrival point, and that’s where we step in.  Having worked on hundreds of projects and produced tens of thousands of goods, we see things from their perspective and can carry the torch to the finish line with them.
  • Factory access / Shop access: It’s almost a pre-requisite that we have accessibility to factories and quality production shops. Many are closed the public and solely work with high volume direct buyers, contractors, or start-to-finish projects. Building this reputation with productions teams takes time, and we’re already plugged in.  So when it’s time to take your dream designs to the next step, we already have the machines waiting for you!
  • Story telling: We do a lot of life with people. We hear hundreds of stories of how brands got their start, why they are designing they way they’re designing, who they want to reach with their message and what’s most important to them. We believe that telling your story in a compelling fashion gives your brand the best chance of connecting to the audience truthfully. No snake oil sales going on here…unless you literally sell snake oil, then fine, we can try that
  • For our time: Frankly, some people are too busy doing their “main thing” that apparel branding could be a distraction to them. However, having an apparel line may still be part of their economic plan and business interests.  Many celebrities, athletes, online personalities fall into this category where they have an audience connected to their main source of status. So while they’re off doing
  • For our ideas: We’re creative. We make things every day. We create art, we photo shoot products, we edit videos, we build online stores, we create content, we solve tough problems, and we engage in each process. Robotic procedures produce robotic results; while purposeful attention to creativity generates uniquely amazing results. Ideas matter and they are treated with respect.
  • For our experiences: We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. There is literally no need to repeat the mistakes of those who have walked the path before you. We help guide a decision making process that refines the best possible outcome while limiting risks and liabilities along the way. Of course nothing is perfect, but we can help you find the limits of your tolerance and risk aversion while still recommending next right steps.

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Andy Cruz