What To Do When DIY Isn’t Working Anymore

Let’s face it, DIY (Do It Yourself) is popular, it’s attractive, its “less expensive”. We have entire television series filmed around DIY projects, online communities that support one another with advice & strategies, and Pinterest (need we say more!?!). There’s a lot of upsides to the passion behind the DIY personality, but what do you do when you reach the brink of your capabilities? How do you solve real problems that prevent scale and growth of your brand? Below is our top 3 Next Right Steps TO take when DIY isn’t working anymore. 

(…and Yes they are prioritized by relevance, you can’t re-arrange these cause you want to do the list yourself 😉)

1. Get honest with your brand: Identify your challenges and limitations. We all reach our capacity at some point and it’s no different when you try to run your own brand all by yourself. Over the years, we’ve observed the greatest scale from brands that embrace the talents of the team around them rather than act like the Jack-of-all-trades. If your photos are sub-par, get a quality photographer to give your brand a fresh approach.  Shy on new apparel designs? Seek the help of a qualified and proven designer who actively works in the industry.  The operative word here being “actively”. Rarely will the “I-used-to-work-in-apparel-back-in-the-90s” guy be of much help.  Is your online store failing to convert buyers? Social media engagement diminishing? On and on the list goes. Taking a REAL look at what’s going on with your brand will highlight the greatest areas of need, which often translate to the greatest areas of growth.

2. Find professional help: Sometimes it’s hard, nearly impossible, to think of creative solutions to a problem when you’re stuck IN the problem. Additionally, if the apparel industry is less than your full-time professional focus, you may not be up to speed on all the most recent and relevant solutions to problems plaguing your success. Next time you watch a DIY show, aren’t the host couple professionals showing you and I ways WE can become DIYers!?! And yet my house looks nothing like the one they just made over in a 30-minute segment.  The same is true in apparel if you’ve given it all you’ve got, and it’s still not good enough, find professional help. It will save you time, money, and unnecessary trips to the drug store to replace all the ulcer meds you’ve been taking.

3. Accept help: We get it, it’s difficult to accept help sometimes, especially when you’re a DIYer.  Remember that we LOVE building brands and want to see your brand succeed. Our gratification comes from your enjoyment of success and seeing your visions come to reality.  One could go as far to say that WE exist because YOUR dreams exist. Ok, it’s a bit mushy but still true. When you accept the help you’re honoring those willing to help you. It demonstrates maturity and respect for your dream. Finally, it shows you are actually serious about being serious. If your brand is really going to be the next big thing in the market, you’re gonna need help.  Chances are you just read this article on mobile device or laptop of some sort….guess what…those Bill Gates and Steve Jobs guys accepted help along the way too. (Just a fun note end on).