What art is acceptable for Embroidery?

In this article we cover the acceptable art formats for embroidery production.  We will also educate you on how to reduce headaches and avoid of embroidery production.

Embroidery houses use a file format called “DST” (It looks like this “yourlogo.dst”). This file format allows the embroidery machine to create a needle and thread path to follow in order to decorate your garment. They also have to take into consideration the number of thread colors your logo needs and where the most appropriate beginning and end points of color changes should be. If you have your logo as a DST file, send that to us, DST is what we need!

Remember, our goal is the same as yours: Have great looking apparel that represents your brand and screams “Quality!”

Here are some best practices to reduce headaches and potentials errors in embroidery production:

  1. If you have your DST file and it’s already sized the way you’d like it, send it in!
  2. No DST file? Send us your vector art in one of the following file formats: .ai, .pdf, .eps
  3. No Vector Art? Send us your logo in highest resolution as .jpg or .png
  4. Size your logo before sending it to us – OR – pre decide what size you’d like to have your logo embroidered on your garment. The embroidery house is going to embroider the logo in the size we give them. Therefore if your logo is smaller than you’d like, it has to be enlarged and saved before production.  For example, standard embroidery on the left chest of a garment is typically 3.5” wide.
  5. Avoid gradient color schemes. We have some clients whose brand logo includes a cat riding a unicorn flying over a rainbow and it has TONS of colors that overlap. This is very difficult to reproduce with embroidery because threads that overlap ultimately just cover up what’s underneath. Since embroidery houses use solid colored threads its vital for your art to be separated as cleanly as possible prior to production.

And remember, if you don’t know, ask, we’re happy to help!

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