4 Tips for Starting Your Clothing Line Without Any Money!

By Liliana Cervantes

So you want to start your own clothing line but you’re low on cash. In fact, maybe you’re just flat out broke. That’s quite the hurdle to overcome but fear not it can be done! Here are four ways to go after your dream despite not having much in your pocket to dish out right out the gate.

1. Learn anything you can on your own

You can never know too much! Learning is ongoing and the more you learn the more you will surprise yourself. You want to know as much as you can about running a clothing business before you actually enter it on your own two feet.

Network with people who have worked in the industry or have even started a line of their own. You might find someone who can walk you through their journey and could really inspire you.

Or try working at a cool clothing boutique, you will learn all the ins and outs of the business. Just remember to always ask questions and make that effort to absorb as much information as possible.

2. Use free tools

There are lots of sites out there these days to help you out for free!

Teespring! – It’s a neat site that helps you with the design and production process to all your clothing products.

Etsy! – Shop and sell your clothes on the lovely Etsy site! Your unique and creative style will be appreciated.

Printful! – Get set up for free on Printful, a site that can assist you in printing your line of shirts after an order has been put in. It’s reliable for printing a variety of types of designs you want on your shirts.

3. Sell your shirts on demand

Avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money on t-shirt production by simply just selling based on demand. Print your shirts after an order has been made. You don’t have to print any inventory right away to hold on a shelf somewhere, eventually, you’ll get there.

4. Find someone to believe in your idea

Take the step to pre-plan your budget for production, marketing, and other resources. Once you have a financial plan begin to reach out for help. If you believe in your dream enough chances are you can get others to believe in it too!

Find someone that can finance you as a partner, take a little help and make it go a long way.